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American Business Idioms

Kudos to you! You want to learn American business idioms. 
Let's shoot straight and start climbing that ladder.
Increase your understanding of your boss' speech, especially during business meetings.
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Idioms for Daily Conversation

Feeling blue? Maybe you're under the weather. Don't fly off the handle - come to Comprehensive English! Practice the meanings of useful idiomatic expressions.   
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Improve your vocabulary for business and literary purposes.
Be adamant about your vocabulary learning and become the epitome of success.

English executive study

Classes forming now for:

*TOEFL Preparation


                              These courses are available in-person only at this time. Online classes forming soon. 


“I could never express my gratitude for my teacher's help. She prepared me for my graduate school interview in seven hours. The interview questions she helped prepare me with were almost exactly what the interviewers asked. With her help and coaching I was able to promote my experience and strengths so well. I called her after my interview because they accepted me immediately and thanked her. Then I called the office manager and thanked them. Thanks to my teacher my dream of studying at a prestigious American school is true!” - Maite (Chile) 

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